External Economic Activity Outsourcing:

Outsourcing is a transfer of certain types or functions of business activity by a company, by means of agreement to another company, leading its activity in a required area.

When signing an outsourcing (agent) agreement with our company, we will act as your importing agent. On behalf of a Principal (on your behalf), we oblige to perform legal and other actions in our own name, but at a Principal expense.

Our External Economic Activity agent:

  • holds negotiations;
  • performs all required preliminary expenses estimation and creates payment schedule;
  • prepares and signs in his own name an external economic shipment contract for Principal needs;
  • conducts all foreign currency payments via our organization in accordance with international currency legislations of the Russian Federation;
  • selects the most suitable logistics scheme and the most reliable transport company;
  • performs transaction support for the shipment of goods into the Russian Federation and performs all required payments for timely and quality delivery of goods;
  • prepares cargo certificates;
  • handles custom clearance of goods in accordance with customs legislations of the Russian Federation;
  • upon request provides Principle with all required information on the agreement fulfillment.

During all stages of work in the frames on the agreement, the Principle may:

  • control agent's activity, functions and responsibilities fulfillment, control reasonable and targeted use of monetary funds provided to the agent for certain purposes;
  • request any information in need regarding goods timely delivery.

When should External Economic Activity be outsourced?

  • if import and export are not the main business processes of your company;
  • if you don't have an experience in this area (your accounting department is not familiar with foreign currency transactions);
  • if you are at the very starting stage of your business development;
  • for a trial goods delivery;
  • for one-time goods import;
  • urgent delivery of imported goods.

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